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Welcome, at shift web craft we provide custom design and development services to clients with discerning taste.

We understand that every client is unique, and we work closely with them to achieve their vision. From concept to launch, we are dedicated to bringing our clients' ideas to life while ensuring that the end product reflects their brand and meets their business goals.

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Our Beliefs



We learned that years of experience go hand in hand with a good communication process. With that in mind, we learned that the key for a happy-client – happy-team collaboration is based on structured, clear communication. Great news! We have a form to get us started on the right foot.



Because we take punctuality seriously, we always do our best to deliver our projects on time. That requires honesty and clarity on both sides. Our knowledge and research are 120% transparent in every step of the process and we are happy to recieve your expectations and feedback with the same transparency.



We offer strategy in design and development processes. Our experience taught us that thorough research and clear, structured thinking are the pillars of any successful project, so our work is based on strategic planning and implementation. Step-by-step forms that help us understand you and your brand, research, competition analysis, as well as industry best practices are action steps we never miss while working on a project.



All the values above help us put into place another important aspect of our work -efficiency. For us, efficiency is nothing more than the natural result of a good B2B collaboration. That's why we insist on communication, professionalism and honesty. Without them we can't be efficient and we are here to make the best of your – and our – time and resources.

{} Founder's Word

9+ years in the IT industry and daily lessons thought me a thing or two about the dynamics of this field, but my no. 1 constant is something as simple as this: a good strategy is the key to develop great projects. My diverse background in the Advertising, Energy Pricing and Gaming industries gives me a holistic view on a wide range of projects, so I feel it's time to build my own craft crew.

More often than not, I find myself thinking of all the people who inspired and mentored me along my journey, good managers with soft and technical skills and I now aim to give back by bringing value and efficiency into future collaborations.

When I’m not busy crafting apps and websites, I’m always thirsty for new challenges like sailing, travelling and being my own kitchen’s MasterChef.

Radu Grama
Co-founder & CTO
I am a versatile designer with hands-on experience in UI, Webflow Implementation and Brand Identity, with a diverse background that offers me a holistic vision over different markets and a clear understanding of how to reach a pleasant customer journey and accomplish the brand's business goals.

I aim to constantly achieve outstanding results and gain further experience within new projects and brands.

When I am not working on websites and apps, I like to spend my time chasing my other hobbies painting and playing tennis.

Cosmina Grama
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